Lightwork: Image Performance

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Lightwork conducts research on the border between reality and performance.

Using audio recordings of actual conversations in public places, Lightwork experiments with their recreation onstage. We ask:

  • How does the selection and performance of these human exchanges affect the way they are heard and valued?
  • What happens when a performer tries to duplicate the rhythms, repetitions, false starts, pauses and overlapping of natural speech? What is revealed? What new relationships are created?
  • Why does conventional writing for the theatre choose not to attempt this?
  • What is the effect of hearing words from the mouth of a performer who is not their originator, and is perhaps even a different age, gender or ethnicity?
  • How does performer movement and the addition of audio-visual stimuli enhance, complicate or compromise the material?
  • Can this work help us towards an understanding of the state of the nation, of people's hearts and minds, or even a sense of truth at this moment in time?

Lightwork held an exploratory evening of work-in-progress for an invited audience in June 2003, using 4 performers and a selection of verbatim texts. A further development day exploring design elements (sound and video) was held in September 2003. There followed a successful application to the Arts Council for a further phase of development and exploration. This was undertaken in July 2004, featuring four performers, a sound designer, voice director, digital scenographer and stage manager. The outcome was presented as a work-in-progress showcase at Central School of Speech and Drama.

Lightwork presented further work-in-progress showings of Utter as part of the Verbatim Practices in Contemporary Theatre symposium at Central School of Speech and Drama, 13-14 July 2006.

Production Credits:

David Annen – performance
Sandra Cooley – performance
Mat Fraser – performance
Lucy Richardson - performance
David Annen - direction
Gregg Fisher – sound design
Douglas O’Connell – video design
Jacek Scarso – voice tutor