Lightwork: Image Performance

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Created by the company, from an original idea by Gregg Fisher and David Annen.

A Lightwork production developed and performed at the Lyric Hammersmith - 26th February - 15th March 2008.

Sarajevo Story is a multimedia piece featuring extensive sound and video designs and a thread of dance. Inspired by actual circumstances, it tells a contemporary story about truth and perception, togetherness and separation, set across the faultlines of cultures, international politics and personal histories.

Barbara is an American judge serving in the Bosnian war crimes court, Sarajevo. Her husband is a London based artist recently commissioned to create a soundscape for the Charles Bridge in Prague. They make discoveries about each others work that leads them to confront their own values, truths and commitments.

A cast of five perform various characters in storylines that play out in cities across Europe. Interlaced with these, the show features verbatim testimony, drawn from the Bosnian war crimes tribunal, from individuals caught up in the devastating war in the former Yugoslavia.