Lightwork: Image Performance

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MyLife is a multimedia project, in collaboration with Lewisham Youth Theatre, that fuses words, music and dance along with online videocasting material.

Sarajevo Story

Sarajevo Story is a multimedia piece featuring extensive sound and video designs and a thread of dance. Inspired by actual circumstances, it tells a contemporary story about truth and perception, togetherness and separation, set across the faultlines of cultures, international politics and personal histories.

You Kill Me

You Kill Me is a triptych of classical myths reworked by way of new digital technologies. It draws on the myths of Daedalus and Icarus, Echo and Narcissus and Pyramus and Thisbe to tell three contemporary stories of love and loss.

Here's What I Did With My Body One Day

When British genome scientist David Rée is invited to a conference in Paris he decides to take his ailing father. But soon David’s father goes missing. Finding him will raise the ghosts of the dead, the secrets of inheritance and the truth about a bizarre family curse involving French intellectuals in Paris.


Utter is a journey into verbatim performance. Using audio recordings of actual conversations in public places, Lightwork experiments with their recreation onstage.

London/My Lover

London/My Lover follows two people through the course of a day in the city — the day on which they meet and become lovers.


Combining Victorian illusionism, multimedia staging and the extraordinary life story of the mystic Madame Blavatsky, Blavatsky deals with the nature of belief and the susceptibility of seekers. It explores the moment when performance becomes deception. It borders on the truth.