Lightwork: Image Performance

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Lightwork was founded in 1999.

We are a non-profit making organisation and became a company limited by guarantee in October 2000.

The company is artist-led. Andy Lavender is Artistic Director. The company is overseen by a board of directors who have a range of experience, in particular in theatre performance, direction, theatre publicity and production, project management, policy development and teaching drama and theatre at higher education level.

Lightwork also has a group of Associate Artists. These are project participants who have made substantial contributions to the company's work and ongoing development, in recognition of which they are invited to be Associate Artists. The company works to foster their continuing collaboration through project participation but also through mentoring schemes and forward-planning workshops.

The company has a broad network of collaborators and supporters who value the company mission and contribute to fulfilling it through their constructive participation as artists/makers — and as audiences who provide feedback throughout our developmental processes.

The company currently seeks funding on a project-by-project basis.

We receive regular and significant support in kind (including use of rehearsal facilities and technical equipment).


Lightwork makes contemporary and experimental theatre and performance.

We make work that is pleasurable and thought-provoking.

We explore new modes of production and communication, creating performances that are fresh, surprising and innovative.

Our projects are collectively created. We foster collaboration across disciplines, striving for a rich layering of experience for audiences and offering opportunities for artists to challenge and extend their own practice.

We share our work at stages during its creation, in order to maximize opportunities for development and draw on audience and peer feedback. This is an integral part of our creative process.


Andy Lavender, as Artistic Director, is the key driver in terms of the artistic direction of the company and the management of our productions.

He works closely with the Board of Directors. The Board meets 4-6 times a year in response to need. Its key role is:

  1. assurance: to ensure that the company and its productions are well and appropriately run.
  2. enhancement: to ensure that a sound and efficient infrastructure is established and maintained.
  3. development: to ensure the ongoing development of the company in pursuit of its mission.


All performances are artist-led. They are collectively devised and managed by a range of artists, including performers, designers, writers and technicians.

The practice of developing work through several developmental stages allows our artists to explore and develop their own practices; to explore the potential of cross-disciplinary work (eg performers working with video artists); to maintain a high level of artistic control; and to achieve a high level of artistic outcome.

Lightwork currently has two projects in development: The Good Actor and The Tempest.